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30 min / $150

Healthy Skin Treatment

This non-invasive Hydrafacial Treatment is designed to restore your skin to its healthy state. The 4-step process uses Vortex Fusion to cleanse, exfoliate and extract dead skin cells and impurities.

45 min / $175

Acne Arrest

Reclaim your skin by clearing congestion and oil. Manual extractions, LED Light and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Included.

30 min / $200

Wrinkle Reducer

A 5-step process that will hydrate, firm and soothe. Fine Lines, Texture and Skin Tone are addressed.

30 min / $200

Brightening Therapy

Hydrafacial Brightenol Serum works to decrease hyper-pigmentation and improve overall skin tone and color. 

30 min / $225

Rejuvenate and Lift

This Hydrafacial MD Treatment addresses advanced signs of aging by regenerating collagen and elastin production in the skin.

15 min / $25

LED Light Therapy

Kills bacteria and promotes collagen growth and healing.

15 min / $25

Lymphatic Drainage

Aids in the removal of toxins from the body. Decreases inflammation and swelling.

15 min / $30

 Hand Treatment

Brightenol Serum works to decrease "sun spots" and improve overall tone and color.

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